Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee

When you purchase SaltWrap products, you can take confidence with our Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee.

That means if you order one of our products and don't like it, it's free.
We'll refund your order, and you can keep it. No return postage, forms, or hassles to deal with. 

All you have to do is notify us, and we'll refund your order. Simple as that.

This policy is limited to your first order, and one bottle or unit. So if you order more than 1 unit, we ask that you send back the unused products. This protects us from the rare case of policy-abuse.

You can take advantage of our Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee anytime within 90 days of your order. That's right. You have a full three months to try out your product. 

How can we afford to do this? It's simple. Our products speak for themselves. The vast majority of our customers are happy, and end up buying from us again.

And, turns out most people are honest (there are always a few bad apples, of course). But you're not one of them! 

If you do wish to initiate a refund request, or have other questions, visit

*For refund requests of multiple items: the customer will be responsible for any return shipping charges (to our facility), and will be reimbursed (or receive a replacement product) after we have processed the return at our facility

We are confident you will love our products, and invite you to reach out to us regarding any questions you may have. 

Visit for other general inquiries.