Epsom Salt Recovery Foam for Sore Muscles - 8 fl. oz (237 mL) (coming soon)


In development...


Fohm™ is the first ever Epsom Salt massaging foam designed specifically to help relieve sore, tense muscles and minor aches and pains.

Formulated with a special blend of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) and Magnesium Oil (magnesium chloride), this revolutionary recovery foam provides natural minerals, herbs and essentials for your tired, aching muscles.


Pump 2-3 squirts of Fohm™ into your hands. 
Massage thoroughly into the target area.

Repeat 3-4 times daily or as needed to achieve relief.

Alternatively, use Fohm™ daily to prevent muscles aches and soreness from overexercising.


Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Magnesium Chloride, Hemp Oil, Xanthan Gum