COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS - Collagen Peptides for Joints

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Collagen Synthesis combines two patented, clinically proven sources of Bioactive Collagen Peptides with other key nutrients involved in connective tissue metabolism and repair.

Unlike generic collagen supplements that may be assimilated into bodily tissues at random, the peptides in Collagen Synthesis have been engineered specifically for cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Never has there been a more precise, science-backed way to give your joints the raw materials they need to fuel collagen production and formation.


Collagen Synthesis™ is NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT®


In addition to testing for over 272 athletic banned substances, products bearing the Certified for Sport® mark must be produced in a manufacturing facility that complies with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. The NSF Certified for Sport® mark is trusted by professional athletic organizations including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and UFC.


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Product Description




Mix one scoop into any beverage or meal once daily.


Suggested Use: For best results, consume one serving 30 minutes before exercising.


Collagen Synthesis ingredients


Product Description


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Collagen Synthesis mix easily, or clump?

It mixes well in any liquid (especially compared to cheaper forms of collagen). For best results, mix it into a glass of room temperature water before adding ice or cold water. You can also use a hand mixer or shaker cup.



Q: Is Collagen Synthesis only for athletes?

Though research shows enhanced joint health benefits when the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis are combined with exercise, anyone who wants to help build and protect their connective tissue can benefit from taking Collagen Synthesis.



Q: Can I take Collagen Synthesis on days I don't work out?

Yes, just mix one scoop into any liquid or beverage.



Q: Can I mix it into my coffee? Will coffee damage the collagen?

Yes you can. Coffee will not damage the collagen peptides. The initial degradation temperature of collagen is 572° F. Coffee is typically brewed to around 185° F.



Q: What is the difference between Joint Clinic and Collagen Synthesis? Can I take both?

Both Joint Clinic and our Collagen Synthesis supplement support collagen maintenance and rebuilding, but in slightly different ways. They are designed to complement each other.


Joint Clinic is more focused on the preservation and protection of collagen during the tissue recovery process.

Collagen Synthesis is designed to help rebuild collagen, specifically in tendons/ligaments/cartilage exposed to stress. (And it's designed to be taken before exercising which boosts its effectiveness).

This makes them a great pair to take together.

They both are crucial to collagen maintenance and recovery, and work well when taken simultaneously.



Q: Should I take undenatured Type II collagen or collagen protein? What's the difference?

Both are effective. And can be taken together depending on your goals.

Type II collagen produces a novel effect in the body: it regulates the immune response responsible for inter-cartilaginous inflammation, which supports the overall healing process and helps manage joint discomfort.

Collagen peptides (aka Collagen Protein) are made primarily of Types I and III, and have a different mechanism and observed effect. They help kick-start the machinery that builds new collagen and optimizes tissue formation.

Type II primarily protects and helps with inflammation, Types I and III (what is found in Collagen Synthesis) primarily serve as building agents.



Q: Is collagen a low-quality protein?

Collagen's low protein quality score (compared to other forms like whey, egg, etc.) is irrelevant.

The mechanism of action (of Collagen Synthesis) depends on the cell signaling process that takes place when you consume it, not the amino acid profile. Your body's response to detecting collagen in the bloodstream is what serves as the main driver of new collagen production and formation.



Q: How do I take it?

Mix one scoop into any beverage or meal once daily. For best results, consume one serving 30 minutes before exercising.



Product Description


It’s simple.

This is why your joints keep breaking down.


Why aches and pains ruin your workouts.


Why your joints (not your muscles) are the bottleneck holding you back from making progress.


Joints take longer to recover than muscles.


Up to three full days based on connective tissue healing studies.


But hard-training athletes and fitness enthusiasts rarely give their tendons and ligaments that much recovery time.

The result?


Your connective tissue falls behind.

Strength-killing joint discomfort gradually sets in.

And overall joint integrity takes a nosedive.


Let's look at how it happens, and what you can do about it:


Just like muscles—tendons, ligaments, and cartilage go through a process of breaking down and building back up from intense physical training. But your joints take longer to recover than muscle tissue.


Studies show collagen repair rates within connective tissues peak around three full days after intense training.16


When you push your body to its limits with resistance training and aerobic conditioning, this causes your joints to fall behind—never fully recovering from one session to the next.


Over time, this accumulated joint stress reduces collagen mass, collagen strength, and overall connective tissue integrity.


Luckily, supplementing with collagen peptides helps rebuild your connective tissue collagen base, enabling your joints to keep up with hard training.


But not just any collagen can do this.


In order to stimulate collagen production, the collagen peptide must match the molecular weight profile of the connective tissue you want to bolster. And this molecular weight profile varies among joints, skin, organs, eyes, and other parts of your body made of collagen.


This is one reason why generic collagen is so inconsistent in joint health studies.


Only one specific type of collagen protein has consistently performed in clinical studies, helping to:


  • Build and maintain cartilage.
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments.
  • Improve joint stability, mobility, and resilience.
  • Reduce activity-related joint pain.
  • Increase connective tissue mass and bone mass.
  • Improve lean body mass.


This type of collagen has been patented and perfected by German researchers.


It’s referred to as Bioactive Collagen Peptides®.

And it forms the backbone of our joint-building collagen supplement, Collagen Synthesis.


If your tendons and ligaments aren't keeping up with your lifestyle, then you are exactly who we had in mind when we created this category-busting joint builder.


You can build stronger joints (instead of just watching them break down).


Just mix one scoop of Collagen Synthesis into water or any beverage about 30 minutes before hitting the gym — and you’ll be on your way to building stronger, more stable, smooth-moving joints.


It's unflavored and mixes easily. So you can seamlessly add it to your pre-workout routine.





Collagen Synthesis™ combines two patented, clinically-proven sources of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® with other key nutrients involved in connective tissue metabolism and repair.


Unlike generic collagen supplements that may be assimilated into bodily tissues at random, the peptides in Collagen Synthesis™ have been engineered specifically for cartilage, tendon, and ligament metabolism.


Never has there been a more precise, science-backed way to give your joints the raw materials they need to fuel collagen production and formation.


And when you take Collagen Synthesis before exercising, the benefits are amplified.


Making it the first pre-workout collagen supplement for total connective tissue health.




Collagen Synthesis combines two of the most science-backed collagen peptides.


Not only are the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis proven to help you build stronger connective tissue structures (along with exercise), they also help reduce activity-related joint pain, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and improve joint mobility.


The power of Collagen Synthesis comes from the unique peptide profiles in the patented ingredients Fortigel® and Tendoforte®.


It also contains three other nutrients that work synergistically with collagen peptides to support collagen fibril formation and connective tissue health.


Published research shows the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis may help:*


Build and maintain cartilage.

In an animal study performed at the Collagen Research Institute in Germany, Fortigel® ingestion led to significant increases in cartilage tissue metabolism and accumulation.1


Researchers captured the dramatic 3 month progression in the graphic below:



Other studies of athletes and aging adults mirrored these findings.


A 48-week placebo-controlled study performed at Tufts Medical Center in cooperation with Harvard University showed through MRI scans that ingestion of 10 g of Fortigel effectively increased connective tissue mass and cartilage growth in patients with knee pain.2


Strengthen tendons and ligaments.

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that subjects who consumed Tendoforte along with their ankle rehabilitation program saw greater improvements in joint strength as measured by the Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool (CAIT).


Researchers believe the increased collagen production improves the quality of collagen fibril formation, giving your connective tissue more tensile strength.3


Improve joint stability, mobility, and resilience.


The 2018 JSSM study also showed that athletes who took Tendoforte were less likely to suffer the same injury again, leading researchers to conclude “the reduction in the re-injury rate of ankle sprains in the follow-up period suggests that these findings have clinical relevance.”3


Reduce activity-related joint pain.

A 2008 study of 147 athletes conducted at Penn State University demonstrated that the use of 5 g of Fortigel reduced activity-related joint pain 40.3% more effectively than the placebo.4

Preserve bone mass.


A 2018 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients showed that post-menopausal women who consumed Bioactive Collagen Peptides experienced “increased bone formation and reduced bone degradation.”5


Improve lean body mass.


Studies of young adults and elderly men have shown that supplementing with the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis (with strength training) increases strength and muscle mass, reduces fat mass, and improves overall body composition.6,7,8




Now, let’s look at how the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis work together to help you build stronger, more resilient connective tissue structures:




Fortigel is a collagen peptide that has been effectively ‘cut’ to match the receptor sites within cartilage tissues. When consumed, it helps stimulate chondrocytes — the cells responsible for cartilage maintenance.9


Collagen Synthesis contains 5 grams of Fortigel — the clinically supported dosage for supporting cartilage maintenance.





Tendoforte has a molecular weight that matches the receptors sites in tendons and ligaments. It helps produce more fibroblasts — the cells responsible for synthesizing new collagen and maintaining the structural framework of connective tissue.9


Fibroblasts also play a crucial role in the tissue healing process, making Tendoforte especially effective at improving the strength and stability of tendons and ligaments.


The clinically-supported dosage of Tendoforte is 5 grams (taken before exercise).



Buffered Vitamin C


Supplementing with Vitamin C supports optimal collagen formation and reduces oxidative damage from exercise-induced tissue stress.10,11


In cases of Vitamin C deficiency, collagen fibers are not able to repair properly and lack adhesion strength. More importantly, your body can’t form or store collagen without Vitamin C present, making it a crucial cofactor in the collagen formation process.


A 2019 pilot study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism showed that taking Vitamin C in conjunction with collagen peptides before training doubled collagen synthesis rates in the exercising joints.12


The only problem is Vitamin C can be rough on your stomach when taken before exercise. That’s why we included 120 mg (133% Daily Value) of easily-digested, Buffered Vitamin C in each serving of Collagen Synthesis.



Oleuropein (from Olive Leaf)


The leaves of olive trees contain a potent antioxidant and healing extract called oleuropein. Just 50 mg of olive leaf extract containing oleuropein is enough to improve age-related joint pain and stiffness (in as little as 4 weeks).13


Supplementing with oleuropein may also help maintain cartilage mass after exposure to physical stress and supports healthy inflammation levels.14,15


Each serving of Collagen Synthesis contains 50 mg of olive leaf extract (standardized to 20% oleuropein).





When it comes to collagen supplements, it’s not about the amino acid profile. It’s about the cellular response your body has when it detects collagen in your bloodstream.


This is what kickstarts the machinery for collagen production and fibril formation.


Only a small percentage of collagen is absorbed by your digestive system intact — which studies clearly show in enough to trigger a joint-building response.


This leaves a significant portion of each collagen serving available as raw material for new joint and muscle tissues.


This is where the amino acid L-tryptophan comes in.

(Yes, we’re talking about the amino acid some people believe is high in turkey and the reason everyone falls asleep after pigging out on Thanksgiving).


In reality, L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps your body build proteins and certain brain-signaling chemicals.


Without it, your body wouldn’t have optimal amino acid support for muscular energy or recovery. And when consumed with other amino acids, it does not cause drowsiness.


Because collagen does not contain L-tryptophan, taking it along with your collagen peptides creates a powerful amino acid supplement that supports joint and muscle health.


Collagen Synthesis contains 66 mg of L-Tryptophan per serving — comparable to the amount present in a similar serving of whey protein, and enough to effectively boost the amino acid profile.




Together, these three supplemental ingredients combined with the patented collagen peptides in Collagen Synthesis prime your body to build and protect your joints.

Give your joints support when they need it most.


Pre-workout energy drinks are more popular than ever.

So are pre-workout muscle builders.

But what about pre-workout joint builders?


Imagine if you could take a supplement before working out that’s designed to strengthen connective tissue, reduce exercise-related joint pain, and improve joint mobility?


That is exactly why we created Collagen Synthesis™.


It’s the perfect pre-exercise joint supplement.

You can mix it with another pre-workout energy drink, or just stir a scoop into a glass of water.


For best results, take it at least 30 minutes before training.

This will give your body time to digest and absorb the nutrients, and kick-start the collagen production process.


When it comes to sports nutrition, your performance bottleneck has nothing to do with stimulants or muscle-pumping agents…the real bottleneck is your joints.


Take care of your joints, and everything else follows.


So while everyone else is obsessed over the next heart-pounding stimulant or muscle-pumping supplement, you’ll be focused on what matters:


Building strong, supple joints that stand the test of time.





Take care of your joints, and everything else follows.


While everyone else is obsessed over the next heart-pounding stimulant or muscle-pumping supplement,
you’ll be focused on what matters: building strong, mobile joints that stand the test of time.


We know you're going to love Collagen Synthesis.

Which is why we want you to try it risk-free.




Collagen Synthesis is backed by our 90 Day Love it or Free Guarantee.


If Collagen Synthesis doesn't work for you, just let us know anytime within 90 days of your order and we’ll refund your order. We’ll even pay for return shipping. See full return policy here.


How can we afford to do this?


It's simple.


The vast majority of our customers get results and end up buying from us again.

Even with this generous policy, our refund rate is still far below the industry average.


This demonstrates our belief in Collagen Synthesis and our commitment to your satisfaction.




Ready to start rebuilding?


Give your joints the raw materials they need to recover, rebuild, and strengthen.

And take comfort in our no-risk 90 Day Love it or Free Guarantee.


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