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The Built from Broken Transformation Bundle provides everything you need to recover, conquer joint discomfort and build a resilient body, including: Built from Broken (paperback), Collagen Synthesis, Joint Clinic, Protein Clinic, Mag R&R, and the Daily Fitness Planner.*

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To get the most out of these products, follow the dosage instructions on the label of each bottle. Here is the most practical, easy to follow system that we recommend:

1. Follow the 6 Week TaperSmart™ dosage schedule on the Joint Clinic label.

2. Mix one serving of Protein Clinic and one serving of Collagen Synthesis into 10-12 oz. liquid (using a blender or shaker bottle). Consume immediately after exercising. On days you do not exercise, consume either first thing in the morning or as a snack between meals.

Alternatively, you can consume one serving of Collagen Synthesis 30-45 minutes before exercise, and one serving of Protein Cilnic after exercise. Research indicates this is the most effective way to utilize collagen peptides for joint tissue recovery.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I use the recovery program?

1. Follow the 6 Week TaperSmart™ dosage schedule on the Joint Clinic label.

2. Mix one serving of Protein Clinic and one serving of Collagen Synthesis into 10-12 oz. liquid (using a blender or shaker bottle). Consume immediately after exercising. On days you do not exercise, consume either first thing in the morning or as a snack between meals.


Alternatively, you can consume one serving of Collagen Synthesis 30-45 minutes before exercise, and one serving of Protein Clinic after exercise. Research indicates this is the most effective way to utilize collagen peptides for joint tissue recovery.



Q: Is this program only for athletes?

No, recreational fitness enthusiasts and hobbiests can benefit just as well. Though research shows enhanced joint health benefits when the ingredients in Collagen Synthesis and Protein Clinic are combined with exercise, anyone who wants to help build and protect their connective tissue can benefit from this bundle.



Q: If I get relief after the first few days or weeks, can I stop taking it?

It is not recommended to stop the program even if your joints feel great and your symptoms have passed. The recovery process, especially tissue turnover, is a long and complex process. Complete the full 6 week program unless you are experiencing adverse effects or have been recommended to stop by your healthcare provider.



Q: I currently take other supplements. Should I stop taking them while on this plan?

For concerns about supplement interactions or combinations, please refer to your physician or dietician. In general, we do not recommend taking a multivitamin or multi-mineral while on this program, as the supplements already include most micronutrients in multivitamins. For other supplements that you take daily, such as fish oil, B-vitamins, or fiber supplements, it is OK to continue taking them.


Our best advice is to read your Supplement Facts labels carefully. You may find that many of the nutrients you take are no longer necessary if you take the SaltWrap products in this program.


Note: There is some purposeful overlap among key nutrients with SaltWrap products in this bundle (e.g. Vitamin C, D, and K). We designed these products to be taken together, so, it is OK to take them in conjunction as recommended.



Q: Should I take undenatured Type II collagen or collagen protein? What's the difference?

Both are effective. And can be taken together depending on your goals.

Type II collagen produces a novel effect in the body: it regulates the immune response responsible for inter-cartilaginous inflammation, which supports the overall healing process and helps manage joint discomfort.

Collagen peptides (aka Collagen Protein) are made primarily of Types I and III, and have a different mechanism and observed effect. They help kick-start the machinery that builds new collagen and optimizes tissue formation.

Type II primarily protects and helps with inflammation, Types I and III (what is found in Collagen Synthesis) primarily serve as building agents.



Q: Is collagen a low-quality protein?

Collagen's low protein quality score (compared to other forms like whey, egg, etc.) is irrelevant in this program.

The mechanism of action (of bioactive collagen peptides) depends on the cell signaling process that takes place when you consume it, not the amino acid profile. Your body's response to detecting collagen in the bloodstream is what serves as the main driver of new collagen production and formation.

The primary goal here is to jumpstart and bolster the connective tissue recovery progress. That is precisely what the bioactive collagen peptides in this bundle are designed to do.*



The principles, products, and system.
Everything you need to recover and rebuild.

A truly therapeutic system not only helps you recover, but also helps prevent future issues by fortifying your body. That's why we formulated these products to work together to help you recover, repair, and rebuild stronger than before. Studies show the ingredients in these synergistic blends can help:


  • Promotes collagen formation and cartilage health after physical stress21,22, 27
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels (specifically within osteo-cartilagenous tissue)26, 29
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments9,12
  • Stimulate osteoblast production for healthy bone mineralization and joint strength6,10
    Boost muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and decrease muscle protein breakdown (MPB)20-22


As you can see, this combination addresses every aspect of building and fortifying your body. In addition to the joint and muscle-building formulas Joint Clinic, Collagen Synthesis, and Protein Clinic you also get:

  • Built from Broken (paperback): a complete corrective exercise and lifestyle guide for rebuilding your body.
  • Mag R&R: our best-selling fomrula for nighttime muscle recovery, relaxation, and sleep support
  • The Daily Fitness Planner: our 16 week food and nutrition journal to keep you on track.


Let's take a quick look at each part of the Built from Broken Transformation Bundle:


This best-selling book from Scott Hogan (ACE-CPT, COES) shows you the step-by-step process for conquering joint discomfort naturally and rebuilding your body from the ground up.

Part 1 of this book covers the principles and strategies of rebuilding your body (and the way you think about it). It breaks down the primary causes of declining joint health, how to manage it naturally, and build healthy connective tissue structures. In addition to laying the foundation for the training section in Part 2, it also teaches you to develop your own exercise program that fits your specific needs.

Part 2 takes the principles a step further, organizing a complete training program that folds all the concepts from Part 1 into a tactical plan with comprehensive templates and instructions.

When you combine this corrective exercise system with our therapeutic sports nutrition formulas, you have the total package:

Collagen Synthesis collagen peptides for tendons saltwrap


Collagen Synthesis combines two patented, clinically proven sources of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (Tendoforte® and Fortigel®) with other key nutrients involved in connective tissue metabolism and repair.

Unlike generic collagen supplements that may be assimilated into bodily tissues at random, the peptides in Collagen Synthesis have been engineered specifically for cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Never has there been a more precise, science-backed way to give your joints the raw materials they need to fuel collagen production and formation.

Just mix one scoop of Collagen Synthesis into water or any beverage about 30 minutes before hitting the gym — and you’ll be on your way to building stronger, more stable, smooth-moving joints.

(+) Supplement Facts and Usage

Directions: Mix one scoop into any beverage or meal once daily.

Suggested Use: For best results, consume one serving 30 minutes before exercising.

(+) Learn more about the ingredient science


But just optimizing collagen formation isn’t enough.

Focusing on optimizing the entire joint recovery process (by providing the right internal environment for tissue repair) is even more important. This is exactly what Joint Clinic was designed to do:



Joint Clinic is the only science-backed multivitamin formulated specifically for total joint recovery.

It supplies your joints with the exact vitamins, minerals, recovery aids, and food-based antioxidants they need to optimize restoration processes. So you can recover and keep doing what you love.

Joint Clinic's 6-week TaperSmart™ dosage schedule provides you with the maximum clinically effective amounts of key therapeutic ingredients for the first two weeks.

Then, gradually tapers down the dosage so that your body’s natural recovery enzymes, hormones, and processes can take over while reducing chances of a “rebound effect,” or re-emergence of symptoms.

(+) Supplement Facts and Usage

Follow the TaperSmart™ Dosage schedule the first time you take Joint Clinic to jump start your recovery.

Here is how this schedule works:
Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast, and 4 capsules with dinner.
Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner.
Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast.

*It’s important to take Joint Clinic with food as some nutrients are absorbed better in the presence of fats and other macronutrients.

After completing the first 6 week TaperSmart cycle, take 4 capsules daily to support collagen synthesis and day-to-day joint recovery.

(+) Learn more about the ingredient science


The final recovery goal is to bolster muscle protein synthesis (MPS) during the rapid recovery period. MPS describes the process in which amino acids are assimilated into new muscle tissue.

Optimizing MPS during the early stages of recovery is critical for two reasons.


First, joint stress rarely happens in a vacuum. If you have a tendon or ligament problem, you can bet your muscles were involved to (often stress and irritation occurs at the myotendinous junction, where tendon fibers insert into the muscle).

Second, it's important to think about building muscular strength and mass back stronger than it was prior. If you think about it, the musculature or joint system that became compromised wasn't resilient enough to handle the volume before.

That's why your goal should NOT just be to "get back to square one" but to be stronger than before. Instead of 100% recovery, aim for 120% recovery.


And that is only possible if you maximize MPS when foundational tissues are being laid down and cemented to your body's stressed parts.

This category has been thoroughly researched and there are only a handful of supplements that make an impact here.


We included only the most research-backed natural ingredients for repair, recovery, and growth into Protein Clinic:




Protein Clinic is an all-in-one shake for lean muscle repair, recovery, and growth. It's supercharged with three clinically proven ingredients: myHMB®, Fortetropin®, and BodyBalance® bioactive collagen peptides.

Protein Clinic is the first food-based recovery shake that optimizes the three most important regulators of muscle growth: muscle protein synthesis, breakdown, and turnover.

This natural, muscle-building blend also contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that support connective tissue health and bone strength.

If you want to maximize your genetic muscle-building potential without artificial hormones or synthetic ingredients, we formulated Protein Clinic for you.

(+) Supplement Facts and Usage

Directions: As a Dietary Supplement, adults mix two scoops into 10-12 ounces of water or milk once daily. For best results, use at least five days per week.

Suggested Use: For post-workout nutrition, take one serving within 45 minutes of finishing exercise session. On non-training days, consume one serving early in the day (either prior to breakfast or between meals).

(+) Learn more about the ingredient science

PLUS our best-selling nighttime muscle support formula:

Mag R&R

With over 250,000 bottles sold, Mag R&R is the best-selling nighttime muscle and relaxation blend in the world. While it is designed to ease occasional nighttime cramps, spasms, and muscle tension — you can use it as needed to bolster recovery and optimize sleep.

The synergistic blend of magnesium, relaxing herbs, and proven recovery supplements helps you relax, recharge, and wake up feeling like a million bucks.

Just take 1-3 capsules (as needed) prior to bed to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

(+) Supplement Facts and Usage

Directions: Take 1-3 capsules in the late evening, prior to bedtime. For best results, dedicate at least 7 hours of sleep prior to taking Mag R&R. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, we recommend assessing your tolerance by taking 1 or 2 capsules as a first dose.

(+) Learn more about the ingredient science

And finally, the easy-to-use fitness planner that keeps you on track:

The SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner

Weekly planner. Goal tracker. And personal accountability partner. In short, it's everything you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve strength and performance—or just be healthier—our Daily Fitness Planner allows you to plan, track, AND improve.


It’s more than just a training log and food journal. It’s a way for you to ensure progress. To maintain focus on incremental improvement. And have a historical reference that you can use to learn from.

(+) Look inside

The Daily Fitness Planner contains 16 weeks of daily food journal and training log pages, PLUS weekly check-in pages and goal planning templates to keep you on track:



The ultimate therapeutic system for rebuilding.


The Built from Broken Transformation Bundle is a complete system to help you recover, repair, and rebuild.


And we want you to try it. Risk-free.




Backed by our 90 Day Love it or Free Guarantee.


If our product doesn't work for you, just let us know anytime within 90 days of your order and we’ll refund your order.


We’ll even pay for return shipping. See full return policy here.


How can we afford to do this?


It's simple.


The vast majority of our customers experience relief and end up buying from us again.
Even with this generous policy, our refund rate is still far below the industry average.

This demonstrates our belief in these products and our commitment to your satisfaction.

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