Joint & Muscle Creamer™ Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer with Collagen Protein and Organic Coconut Milk Powder - Natural Italian Cream flavor (16 oz.)


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 Best Mixing Collagen Creamer - SaltWrap Joint & Muscle Creamer

Joint & Muscle Creamer™
is the first collagen-based dairy-free coffee creamer formulated to support healthy joints and muscles.

Best Mixing Non-Dairy Creamer High Protein Low Carb

4 Proven Ingredients for Strong, Pain-Free Joints:
Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Biotin + MCT's

While collagen protein provides the building blocks of healthy joints, muscles, cartilage and connective tissue (and nourishes the gut, skin and metabolism)—the MCT's (Medium Chain Triglyceride fatty acids) in each serving of Joint & Muscle Creamer further support healthy inflammation levels and help relieve joint discomfort.* (Each serving of J&M Creamer supplies 5 grams organic coconut milk powder, equivalent to approximately 3.5 grams MCT's per serving).

Also, each serving contains hyaluronic acid — an organic compound proven to help lubricate joints and relieve stiffness and aching. It also helps your body produce more of its natural “joint lubricant” — synovial fluid.*

And, each serving contains 100% Daily Value of Biotin (Vitamin B7). While biotin is better known for its role in supporting healthy hair, skin and nails — biotin also is a crucial vitamin for building healthy joint tissue.* There have even been reports of biotin helping to reduce symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and overactive nerves which lead to joint and muscle dysfunction."

The 4 main joint-supporting ingredients in Joint & Muscle Creamer work together to:

  • Relieve overworked joints*
  • Reduce joint inflammation from over-training (exercise)*
  • Help build strong, pain-free joints and muscles*

Superior Taste & Texture

We worked hard to ensure that Joint & Muscle Creamer™ is the best tasting AND best mixing non-dairy coffee creamer in its class.

Unlike many collagen products that form a gel or don't mix well with liquid, ours dissolves easily.

Not only does this add superior taste and texture to your morning coffee, it ensures you're getting maximum collagen absorption for rock-solid joints and muscles.*

We use only Solugel® brand hydrolyzed, beverage-grade collagen from grass-fed, pasture raised sources (Kosher certified collagen).

But you'll really be surprised at how delicious and natural-tasting the flavor is: Natural Italian Sweet Cream

How did we get a healthy, joint-building, muscle-boosting supplement to taste like real Italian cream?

The secret is in our proprietary blend of beverage grade collagen, organic coconut milk powder, plant fibers, and natural flavors (supplying only 1 gram of carbs per serving — with no artificial sweeteners or added sugar). This unique blend of ingredients and flavor enhancers gives you the same taste and texture of real cream and sugar.

It wasn't easy. The formulation process took us more than a year to perfect.
But the end result is worth it.

Best Tasting Natural Non-Dairy Creamer High Protein

Collagen: It's what's for breakfast.

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in the human body, behind water.

And collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.
It's the major building block for tendons, bones, and skin.*

As we age, our body produces less and less collagen. By age 60, our ability to produce collagen has decreased by 50%.

This leads to aging joints, saggy skin, and loss of lean muscle tissue.

By supplementing with collagen, you can give your body the raw materials it needs to build strong, stable bones and joints—AND help maintain a healthy gut lining, immune system and metabolism.*

With SaltWrap's Joint & Muscle Creamer, you can transform your coffee into a muscle and joint building superfood.

Dairy-Free Paleo-Friendly Creamer with Collagen and MCT's


Gut Friendly (AND Taste-Bud Friendly)

We could have added dairy-based creamer, whey, soy lecithin or other artificial flow agents to save our self some hassle and production costs.

Instead, we used sunflower lecithin and a micro-dose of a special guar gum extract to give it that real-cream texture.

In higher doses, guar gum is used to treat upset stomachs and irregularity. It helps slow the digestion of food, stabilizes blood sugar, and may even support healthy cholesterol levels.*

But in smaller doses (at the just the right dose), it provides a creamy texture while also soothing digestion.*

And, studies have shown that supplementing with collagen can heal damaged gut lining (leaky gut) and improve gut integrity.*

That's why Joint & Muscle Creamer is easier on your stomach than dairy-based creamers, products that contain whey or soy, and even cheaper collagen products.*

We also included a small does of the mineral silica for it's anti-caking (texture) benefits, and it's joint and skin health benefits.

Silica (silicon dioxide) is one of the most foundational minerals our bodies' need. Even more so than calcium. Silica supports healthy bone structure, promotes healing, and even improves skin tone.*


A Perfect Start to Your Day

If you want a healthy alternative to creamers with added sugar and artificial flavorings, look no further.

Use Joint & Muscle Creamer™ to give your body a dose of healthy fats and protein first thing in the morning.

....Put it in your coffee prior to hitting the gym.

...Or just add it to your favorite hot beverage to support healthy joints and muscles.

It's a no brainer.

Joint & Muscle Creamer is the clear choice for healthy, low carb, delicious real-cream flavor in your morning coffee.

Quality Ingredients in Just the Right Doses

Solugel® 5,000 Collagen Protein

Best Mixing Collagen Powder for Coffee Creamer

Collagen supplements have gained popularity in recent years. And for good reason.

Supplementing with collagen has almost too many benefits to name.
Collagen: reduces joint pain, helps regulate inflammation, strengthens bones, nails, hair and teeth, and even improves skin tone and skin moisture levels.*

But not all collagen supplements are created equal. We use only Solugel® brand beverage grade collagen protein — for superior mixability, taste and absorption.

Our collagen has been "granulated" into a fine powder that dissolves easy in a liquid solution. Not only does this make for a smoother, tastier texture — it ensures you're getting maximum collagen absorption to support your joints and muscles.

And, the source is important. Our collagen is derived from grass-fed, pasture raised animals (that means from healthy, happy, naturally-fed animals). Our collagen is Kosher® certified as Type B pharmaceutical grade.

Each serving of Joint & Muscle Creamer™ contains 5 grams of collagen protein.

Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Best Tasting Coconut Creamer with Collagen

Organic coconut milk powder supplies healthy fats, creamy texture, and the "x" factor in the delicious Italian cream flavor.

Like coconut oil, studies show the types of fat found in coconut milk powder support a healthy metabolism and weight, cardiovascular health, brain function and muscle repair processes.* And like collagen, it's also great for your joints, skin and hair.*

Each serving contains 5 grams of organic coconut milk powder, containing approximately 3.5 grams MCT's (Mediium Chain Triglycerides) per serving.

Hyaluronic Acid

creamer collagen with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the chief components of connective tissue. In the body, it forms a gelatin-like structure around cells, providing a supportive and structural role.

Supplementing with hyaluronic acid can help reduce joint aches and pains, and reduce stiffness.* This is likely due to the fact that hyaluronic acid helps increase production of "synovial fluid" — the body's natural joint lubricant. Hyaluronic acid also helps improve the integrity of skin, hair and nails.*

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Biotin drink collagen creamer

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is well-known for its ability to help grow strong hair, skin and nails. But biotin is also a crucial building block of connective tissue. Your body needs biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids — the building blocks of protein, muscles and joints.

Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails, and is found in many cosmetic products for hair and skin.


Monk Fruit Extract (Non-GMO)

Low Carb Creamer Sweetened with Monk Fruit and Coconut Sugar

Monk fruit extract is a natural, calorie free sweetener. Monk fruit contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides, which are metabolized differently than sugars.

That's why, despite their delicious and sweet taste, they are considered a no-calorie food.

Studies show monk fruit can help fight free radicals, help support normal blood sugar levels, and even support healthy levels of inflammation (talk about a perfect sweetener for a joint supplement!).*

PLUS Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Coconut Sugar, Guar Gum Powder, Silica and Natural Vanilla Flavoring

Natural Vanilla Flavoring Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Our blend of sunflower lecithin, organic coconut sugar (1 g per serving), natural vanilla flavoring, silica, guar gum powder, and monk fruit extract provides a natural-tasting sweetness.

You won't find any added sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or preservatives.

And, you'll notice that each flavoring ingredient has a specific purpose in the formula for building healthy joints, muscles, and skin.

There's no wasted space in this blend.

Our Unmatched Money-Back Guarantee

As always, you have a full 90 days to decide if you like Joint & Muscle Creamer™. If it's not for you, just send us an email or visit our help page ( to initiate a return and refund. It's that easy.

And here's the unmatched part: if you don't (1) love the taste of Joint & Muscle Creamer™ and (2) feel the joint-supporting, muscle-energizing benefits within 90 days, we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.


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Joint & Muscle Creamer™ is available exclusively from SaltWrap Biolabs.

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