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It's a catch 22. 

When you want to boost energy levels and improve focus, you have two choices:

You can either slog through the day with low energy. Doing far less than you're capable of.

OR — assault your adrenal system with some type of stimulant to supercharge your productivity. 

Maybe an energy drink. 
One of those hot new brain "nootropics."
Or another double espresso.

This route inevitably leads to a crash.
Nervous tension, brain fog, even depressive symptoms.
The opposite of productive.

You always end up paying the piper when you use stimulants.

Not a great way to cultivate a productive day. 
And not great for your nights either — since stimulant abuse messes with your sleep quality.

The problem is we're looking at this thing called "energy" the wrong way.

Instead of trying to artificially stimulate our fight-or-flight system (which is essentially what stimulants like caffeine do), we should be focused on how to bring out our natural energy stores.

It's counter-intuitive. But when you achieve physiological balance — in your energy, stress, and hormonal systems — you'll have far more energy than you ever thought possible.

With no crash. No trading tomorrow for right now.

Just clean, smooth, sustainable energy.

So how do you achieve this?

The answer lies in balance. And specific plant extracts in the adaptogen family can help you do that.

We assembled the four most studied, proven adaptogens for energy, stress relief, and cognitive function into one potent formula. In clinically-supported dosages.

Adaptogen Greens gives that you smooth, sustained energy and focus you've been looking for. No crash.

This breakthrough "greens supplement" optimizes nearly every biological process for improved body & mind performance and greater stability in overall health.

Keep reading to learn how the ingredients in Adaptogen Greens can give you a sustained, clean energy — unlike anything you've ever felt.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a unique group of herbs that have been used for thousands of years to improve energy, support the adrenal system, and manage your body's hormonal response to stress. Specifically, adaptogens are useful for enhancing the body's ability to cope with anxiety, fatigue, and stressors.

How do adaptogens work?

Adaptogens work much like a thermostat.

When the thermostat senses that the temperature in a house is too high, it guides the temperature down to the set point. And, when the temperature is too low, the thermostat helps bring it back up to where it should be.

This is the same function that adaptogens have in the human body. They help bring our body and minds into balance — adjusting energy hormones, stress hormones, and even neurotransmitters up or down based on what we need.

They are rightly named adaptogens because they exhibit a "normalizing effect" on the body, helping to correct physiological (body) imbalances.

They quite literally adapt their function according to the body's specific needs.

For example, the adaptogens Ashwagandha and Rhodiola 
counteract the negative effects of high cortisol levels (your body's chief stress hormone) and help keep it in a healthy range. They also allow the body's cells and pathways to access more energy, improve cellular health by supporting cellular detoxification, and help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently (which translates to greater aerobic and cognitive capacity).*

In short, adaptogens optimize nearly every system in the body — keeping it running at its highest potential.*

Learn more about the 4 key areas of physiological balance for optimal human performance below: 


Unlike stimulants or depressants, Adaptogen Greens doesn’t knock your body out of balance.

It brings you into balance. And that is the state where you can unlock untapped energy stores, think clearly, and perform at your best


There are 4 key areas of physiological balance for optimal human performance. Adaptogen Greens™ addresses them all:

1. Optimize Energy Hormones

The three key energy hormones are adrenalin (aka epinephrine), noradrenalin and acetylcholine.

Noradrenaline and adrenaline are the main neurotransmitters of the sympathetic nervous system, making them responsible for reflexive changes to the environment — such as physical or emotional stress, or changes in blood sugar.

When you feel the “fight or flight response” kick in — your heart is pounding and your senses heightened — that’s these two hormones doing their job.

Acetylcholine counterbalances the adrenaline hormones — helping your body relax and wind down. While the adrenaline hormones speed up heart rate and metabolism, acetylcholine slows it down and helps relax muscles. These two opposing forces need to be in balance to ensure consistent energy levels.

Ashwagandha and Schisandra optimize this energy system, keeping it in balance. This helps stabilize your mood and energy, and makes you more resilient in the face of perceived danger and everyday stressors.*


2. Control Stress Hormones

Stress hormone management is vital not only for staying cool under pressure, but also achieving maximum productivity. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea have multiple studies demonstrating their ability to optimize production of the stress hormone cortisol — showing a lowering effect during times of stress and fatigue. Though cortisol gets a bad rap, it’s a crucial hormone for:

  • Providing quick bursts of energy*
  • Heightening memory & attention*
  • Elevating immune function*
  • Lowering sensitivity to pain*

Problems arise when cortisol is chronically elevated. That’s what leads to impaired cognitive performance, blood sugar imbalances that zap your energy, loss of lean muscle, lowered immunity, increased inflammatory responses, and increases in abdominal fat.

By optimizing the production of cortisol, you give your body the tools it needs to effectively deal with stress while also preventing the negative effects of chronically high cortisol. And in turn this boosts your stamina and resiliency.*

3. Support Positive Mood Hormones & Neurotransmitters

The adaptogens Eleuthero and Rhodiola provide a “body-coping” role that helps normalize and stabilize mood hormones — for consistent and dependable mood and cognitive performance. Studies show Rhodiola:

  • Improves mental processing speed & short-term memory*
  • Reduces depressive symptoms & improves subjective well-being*
  • Reduces fatigue & perceived exertion levels*

Eleuthero also supports positive mood and productivity through improving oxygen metabolism — which as you can imagine is crucial for brain function.*

In one more famous study, researchers concluded that the 23.3% increase is total work accomplished by a group taking Eleuthero was attributable to their improved oxygen metabolism.*


4. Supports Optimal Hormone Balance

Ashwagandha has the unique ability to help modulate production of male and female sex hormones for optimal health, vitality, and energy.

Balancing the sex hormones may be the most important aspect of regulating how your body and mind work.

For men and women alike, an imbalance of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen leads to loss loss of vitality, and depressive symptoms.

Many supplements or medical interventions attempt to artificially raise these hormones, which causes dramatic fluctuations and long-term negative side effects. Even natural testosterone boosters or estrogen suppressors aren’t a sustainable solution because they don’t balance out opposing sex hormone levels.

By helping to regulate production of testosterone and estrogen with Adaptogen Greens™, both men and women will feel more consistent energy, and overall vigor and vitality toward life.*

Clinically-supported ingredients for energy, stress management and adrenal health

Learn more about how the 4 research-backed, natural ingredients in Adaptogen Greens can help you beat fatigue, regain balance, and improve your overall health.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is at the apex of the traditional Hindu system of medicine, Ayurveda. It's regarded as the most powerful plant extract for stress relief, natural energy balance, and improving overall health and vigor.*

Adaptogen Greens uses a patented form of Ashwagandha called KSM-66® — commonly referred to as the "World's Best Ashwagandha." This patented form has received multiple awards, including the Herbal Industry Leader Award by the Society of Ethnopharmacology.

KSM-66® is tightly regulated with oversight from the time the herbs and planted, to harvesting of the roots, and final deliver to the United States.

With almost too many benefits to list, it's not hard to see why this plant is revered as the most powerful adaptogen on Earth.

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings*
  • Helps maintain healthy cortisol levels*
  • Increases endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate*
  • Supports immune system function*
  • Enhances memory and cognition*
  • Reduces stress, improves mood*
  • Helps maintain free testosterone (has anti-estrogenic properties to help balance testosterone/estrogen in the body, which is beneficial for both men and women)

The clinically-effective dosages for KSM-66® Ashwagandha range from 100 mg to 600 mg. Adaptogen Greens contains 600 mg per serving to maximize natural energy, stress relief, physiological balance, and hormonal health.*


Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea)

Rhodiola, known as the "Arctic Root" for its ability to flourish in high-altitude, mountainous regions of Eastern Asia, is primarily used to improve energy, stamina, and mental capacity.

This adaptogen also has demonstrated positive effects on the stress hormone, Cortisol, helping to lower levels and reduce negative side effects associated with stress.*

One more well-known study of night shift doctors showed that 170 mg of Rhodiola improved cognitive performance and symptoms of fatigue in just two weeks.*

Rhodiola makes the body and mind more resilient:

  • Reduces fatigue and perceived exertion levels*
  • Reduces depressive symptoms (boosts happiness/mood)*
  • Improves short-term memory and mental processing speed*

Although dosages as low as 50 mg daily have demonstrated preventive effects against fatigue, most studies measuring cognitive performance and stamina use dosages of 170-400 mg.

We included 150 mg of Rhodiola in each serving of Adaptogen Greens, a dosage on the lower end of the clinically effective spectrum — ideal for fighting fatigue and boosting performance without being overstimulating.


Shisandra Berry Extract (Shisandra chinesis)

Shisandra berries are the ultimate super-berry. Although they have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, they're still relatively unknown the western world compared to their adaptogen counterparts (ashwagandha and rhodiola).

But shisandra isn't your typical berry superfood. Unlike goji berries or acai fruit, shisandra berries are not common in foods and recipes. Instead, the berries are used for medicinal purposes ranging from immune support, healthy inflammation levels, blood pressure, energy, liver detoxification, and cognitive performance.*

Due to the fact that it is not as well-known as other adaptogens, shisandra has fewer clinical studies than ashwagandha, rhodiola, or eleuthero. 

Two more commonly cited studies showed that 500 mg of shisandra positively impacted exercise performance and cognitive performance. Interestingly, one study that used (less than) 300 mg of shisandra in combination with eleuthero and rhodiola demonstrated that this combination:

  • Reduces errors in cognitive tasks*
  • Increased speed and accuracy during stressful work*
  • Is safe to use with no serious side effects*

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, shisandra has long been known to support cellular detoxification and total body vitality. This partially explains the multiple health metrics that shisandra berry improves.*

Adaptogen Greens contains 300 mg of shisandra berry extract per serving.

Eleuthero Root Extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Eleuthero (also known as Siberian Ginseng) is regarded as a "nootropic" — but has traditionally been used to improve subjective well-being and restore energy levels. In studies, Eleuthero demonstrates marked positive effects on mood, stress hormone management, and work capacity.

One study published in Planta Medica demonstrated a 23.3% increase in total work (physical output) in study participants who consumed Eleuthero, compared to only a 7.5% increase in the placebo group. Researchers partially attributed this finding to the improvement of the subjects oxygen metabolism (increased oxygen uptake). Though Eleuthero is used as a catch-all health tonic, it's most notable effects are:

  • Improved cardiovascular (aerobic) capacity*
  • Increases in subject well-being scores (happiness/mood)*
  • Positive effects on energy and cognitive performance (focus)*

Studies of Eleuthero measuring physical capacity have historically used dosages of 150-300 mg daily. Dosages of 800-1500 mg have been deemed safe, but only in short term (~4-12 weeks) time ranges. 

We included 150 mg of Eleuthero in each serving of Adaptogen Greens to support physical and cognitive stamina — AND overall mood — without adding a highly-stimulating dosage. This makes our blend more suited to long term use.*


This is what real, natural energy feels like.

Adaptogen Greens combines 4 of the most studied, proven adaptogens in clinically supported dosages to help you:

  • Boost natural energy without harsh stimulants that tax your nervous system and leave you drained

  • Manage stress more effectively, and become more resilient in the face of difficult tasks (whether in the gym, classroom or at work)

  • Achieve physiological balance — including energy and mood 

    If you're looking for a healthier, more sustainable way to boost energy.
    Caffeine and stimulants just aren't doing it for you.

    Or you want some extra support managing cortisol and the negative side effects associated with stress.

    Adaptogen Greens will help you get there.

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    How can we afford to do this? It's simple. Our products speak for themselves. The vast majority of our customers are happy, and end up buying from us again.

    So go ahead. Get your risk free supply of Adaptogen Greens today. 

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