What supplements speed up injury recovery?

While there is no magic pill that rapidly heals an injury, there are natural supplements that support the injury recovery process. When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries, there are several evidence-based steps you can take to optimize your recovery:

  1. Provide your body with the basic vitamins and minerals it needs for clean up, repair, and new tissue formation.*
  2. Consume adequate calories and protein to support tissue repair and recovery*
  3. Takes steps to support healthy inflammation levels*
  4. Supply your body with adequate amounts of antioxidants to help manage oxidative stress levels*
  5. Consume foods and nutrients proven to optimize collagen formation (collagen synthesis) for joint and bone recovery*
  6. Consume foods and nutrients proven to optimize muscle cell repair (muscle protein synthesis) for muscle recovery.*

To learn more about corrective exercise, nutrition, and supplements for injury recovery, check out the book SaltWrap founder, Scott Hogan, wrote called Built from Broken.

Built from Broken book and injury recovery supplements



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