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Protein Clinic™ is the first all-in-one shake that optimizes the three most important regulators of muscle growth: muscle protein synthesis, breakdown, and turnover.

This food-based, muscle-building blend also contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that support connective tissue health and bone strength.

With Protein Clinic, you can set the stage to achieve your muscle-building potential with one convenient, delicious shake.

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Product Description


Dosage Guidelines:


Directions: As a Dietary Supplement, adults mix two scoops into 10-12 ounces of water or milk once daily. For best results, use at least five days per week.

Suggested Use: For post-workout nutrition, take one serving within 45 minutes of finishing exercise
session. On non-training days, consume one serving early in the day (either prior to breakfast or between meals).



Protein Clinic muscle growth recovery shake with myHMB, Fortetropin, BodyBalance Collagen Peptides


Product Description


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What flavors does Protein Clinic come in?

Currently, Protein Clinic only comes in our flagship flavor, Creamy Chocolate Fudge
. This flavor profile tastes great when mixed with only water or almond milk. We will be adding new flavors in the future.



Q: How do I use Protein Clinic?

Mix two scoops into 10-12 ounces of water or milk once daily. For best results, use at least five days per week.

For post-workout nutrition, take one serving within 45 minutes of finishing exercise session. On non-training days, consume one serving early in the day (either prior to breakfast or between meals).



Q: How long do I have to take Protein Clinic to see results?

Building muscle is a slow process. This is why we recommend using Protein Clinic consistently for at least six weeks. However, you may notice changes in how fast your recover from exercise, your soreness levels, and overall muscular performance in the first few weeks of using Protein Clinic.



Q: Do I need to take Collagen Synthesis if I am already getting 15 grams of collagen in Protein Clinic?

The type of collagen in Protein Clinic (BodyBalance®) is designed to support lean muscle and intramuscular connective tissue. The collagen in Collagen Synthesis (Tendoforte® and Fortigel®) supports tendon, ligament, and cartilage health. So, for maximum joint support, you can take both. See Deals tab for savings on this combo.



Q: What about eggs, cholesterol, and heart health?

Eggs are back. Actually, we’ve been safely eating eggs since the dawn of humankind. But recent studies have overturned myths about eggs being bad for heart health. A study published in 2018 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that participants who ate up to 12 eggs per week had no adverse effects on their cholesterol or triglycerides levels.

Other follow up studies have substantiated this finding. Researchers concluded that eggs can and should be part of a heart-healthy diet. Besides, even if you take one serving of Protein Clinic every day, you’ll only consume the equivalent of 2.5 eggs per week. So, enjoy Protein Clinic guilt-free. And, feel free to add more eggs to your diet! Eggs are rich in amino acids, choline, and B-vitamins.21



Q: How much protein do I need to gain muscle?

As a simple rule, aim for 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight spread over 3-4 meals to optimize muscle growth. Consume at least 50% of your intake from whole foods. For a 150 pound person, this equals 120 to 150 grams per day.

If you have a high level of body fat, you may want to re-calculate your protein needs based on lean body mass.


More details on protein and muscle gain: Research shows that 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, or 0.5 to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight, is the likely minimal amount of protein necessary for optimal muscle growth. Other studies show that more protein may be beneficial for some people.



Product Description

Visit the Protein Clinic Home Page


See the story of how Protein Clinic was born

Read a quick summary of the benefits


Or read the full Product Description below:



Product Description


If you want to maximize your genetic muscle building potential without artificial hormones or synthetic ingredients, we formulated Protein Clinic for you.


Protein Clinic delivers real, science-backed muscle building results — whether you want to maximize muscle growth or simply prevent muscle loss with age.


Here are five reasons why Protein Clinic is unlike any protein shake or muscle builder you’ve seen:


Why You'll Love It


1. Protein Clinic is an all-in-one shake for lean muscle repair, recovery, and growth.

Supercharged with three clinically proven ingredients: myHMB®, Fortetropin®, and BodyBalance® collagen.


2. Protein Clinic also helps build joints, connective tissue, and even bones.

Contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that support connective tissue repair and bone mineralization.


3. Protein Clinic is made only from food-based, natural ingredients.

No hormones, synthetic ingredients, or banned substances.


4. Protein Clinic delivers 33 grams of lean protein per serving.

With only 4 grams of carbohydrates and 180 calories per serving.


5. Protein Clinic is a delicious, creamy shake that is also easy on your stomach.

Experts estimate that lactose intolerance affects up to 68% of the worldwide population.26 If milk-based protein powders don’t agree with your stomach, you are likely in this group. Protein Clinic is dairy-free and easy to digest. And, it’s 100% naturally flavored with no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or preservatives.


Protein Clinic All-In-One Muscle Building Meal Shak


This all-in-one shake helps you build more muscle and recover faster, naturally.


Even committed gym junkies lose 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after turning 30. This adds up to an estimated 30% of muscle loss over a lifetime.44


This is a problem. And not just because you lose your sleeve-filling biceps and the ability to hoist heavy objects off the ground. But also because muscle loss with age shortens life expectancy.


A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that “low muscle (mass and strength) was independently associated with elevated risk of all-cause mortality” among participants 50 years or older.46


Loss of muscle is one of the primary drivers of the aging process itself. Less muscle means lower strength levels, lower energy, and impaired recovery from exercise. It also leads to more frequent injuries and reduced physical function.


In short, we should be doing everything we can from a nutritional standpoint to maximize muscle building, maintenance, and cellular health.


The conventional view was that the primary driver of muscle loss with age is a reduction in muscle proteins built from amino acids. These amino acids come from protein that we eat and are also formed when we exercise.


But this is only part of the story.


More recent studies prove that your ability to build and maintain muscle is largely dependent on the rate of muscle protein breakdown and muscle protein turnover.45


By focusing only on protein synthesis, you are missing out on two-thirds of your muscle-building potential.


This is where Protein Clinic shines.


It pulls all three levers in this muscle-building equation, giving you an unfair advantage in the quest for muscle mass and strength.


How to Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis with myHMB, Forteropin, and Collagen Protein

adapted from Breen & Phillips, 2012; Churchward-Venne et al., 2012


Hacking the Muscle Building Equation

Though muscle cell metabolism is complex, the equation for muscle building is not. It boils down to this:


Protein Synthesis (MPS) – Protein Breakdown (MPB) = Muscle Gain (or Loss)


If synthesis outpaces breakdown, muscles grow larger (muscle hypertrophy).


If breakdown outpaces synthesis, muscles atrophy occurs.


While there are dozens of factors at play, there are three main variables in this equation.

This is precisely what Protein Clinic was designed to optimize.


Several peer-reviewed studies show that the patented ingredients in Protein Clinic:

  • Boost muscle protein synthesis1-14
  • Decrease muscle protein breakdown15-21
  • Optimize muscle protein turnover—the replacement of damaged cells for remodeling and rebuilding22-26


When you maximize the natural muscle building potential of each of these three levers, you get a synergistic response that allows for rapid muscle recovery, repair, and growth.


Instead of hitting plateaus, or worse—losing muscle over time—you can slowly and consistently build new muscle.


As the weeks and months add up, this can result in significant increases in muscle size, strength, and overall health.



Ingredients That Build Muscles and Joints

The last thing you want is bigger, stronger muscles on top of weak, injury-prone connective tissue scaffolding. That’s why Protein Clinic contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that support strong connective tissue and bone structures.


Because tendons and ligaments rebuild more slowly than muscles, this is a key element of building muscle safely.


Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Protein Clinic, starting with the pound-for-pound champion of safe, natural muscle building supplements:



HMB (scientifically known as β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is a naturally produced substance in our bodies from consuming the amino acid leucine.


HMB simultaneously decreases muscle protein breakdown and increases muscle protein synthesis. However, it’s virtually impossible to get the optimal amount of HMB from diet alone.


Research shows only around 5% of dietary leucine converts into the muscle-building compound HMB.


That means you would have to consume 60 grams of leucine, or 600 grams of quality protein, to get the clinically supported 3 gram dosage of HMB per day.1


Supplementing with myHMB® has been clinically shown to

  • Increase muscle mass, improve strength, and reduce fat mass when combined with resistance training5,6
  • Boost protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown7
  • Reduce muscle damage and soreness from exercise8
  • Improve recovery by reducing damage associated with exercise (both resistance and endurance)9
  • Improve endurance by increasing maximal oxygen consumption and increasing lactic acid tolerance10,11
  • Improve the muscle-building effects of plant-based protein12


Protein Clinic contains the clinically supported 3 grams of myHMB® per serving.


myHMB® may be the most clinically supported muscle-building ingredient in the world for both effectiveness and safety—backed by 50+ studies and 40+ scientific reviews.


+ Learn more about the science behind myHMB®

HMB aids muscle growth and maintenance in two distinct ways:


1) It decreases muscle breakdown by inhibiting the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway (an enzymatic pathway for protein breakdown).

2) It increases protein synthesis by stimulating the mTOR pathway.2


It’s also versatile—boosting results for men and women, young and old, athletes and non-athletes, weight lifters and non-weight lifters who simply want to preserve muscle mass and strength with age.


Because of its versatility, potency, and long track record of safety and effectiveness, HMB should be a priority staple in any natural muscle-building routine. But not all HMB ingredients are created equal.


The vast majority of HMB studies were organized by the ingredient research company, Metabolic Technologies. In addition to pioneering clean processing methods (known as “clear processing”), Metabolic Technologies created a specific branded form of HMB called myHMB®. Of the 100+ clinically-validated studies, the vast majority (for both effectiveness and long-term safety) were performed with myHMB®.


As with many new dietary ingredients that produce significant results for users, copycats and cheap knock-offs have popped up to profit from the impressive study results of myHMB®. Generic HMB supplements are largely produced in industrial chemical facilities (e.g. paint, solvents, and plastics). This means less strict quality standards for impurities and batch variance of active ingredients.


Generic HMB is considerably cheaper than the well-established myHMB®, so we seriously considered sourcing it for use in Protein Clinic.


But what we found through our own research and third-party testing of generic HMB made the decision easy: 95% of generic HMB ingredients failed food-grade level testing due to “elevated contaminants.”


Chromatography testing (using high pressure to separate compounds) revealed generic HMB averaged around 6x the impurity levels of the food-grade myHMB®. This quality problem stems from the fact that generic HMB is produced in non-GMP certified unregulated chemical facilities. That means that not only is generic HMB a waste of money because you aren’t getting a consistent active ingredient profile, it’s also risky to even put in your body.


Unlike generic forms, myHMB® has been clinically proven safe for long-term consumption with no harmful side effects—even at dosages 10x the recommended amount of 3 grams daily.


myHMB + Vitamin D for better recovery and repair


Because studies show combining mHMB® with a specific form of Vitamin D boosts effectiveness, each serving of Protein Clinic contains 25 mg of Vitamin D3 (125% of daily value).13


A study published in Nutrition in Clinical Practice showed that seniors recovering from surgery who supplemented with a combination of 36 grams protein, 3 grams myHMB®, and 1,000 IU (25mcg) Vitamin D benefited from “acceleration of wound healing, shortening of immobilization period, and increased muscle strength without changing body mass index.”


Not only that, the group supplementing with protein, myHMB®, and Vitamin D had better post-surgery mobility and strength after only 15 days.14


While myHMB® is a powerful stand-alone muscle builder, you get a synergistic effect when you combine it with the other ingredients in Protein Clinic that leaves basic proteins and amino acid drinks in the dust.


Keep reading to learn about the two other patented ingredients:

Protein Clinic muscle building shake with Fortetropin Egg Yolk



Fortetropin® is a proven natural, muscle-building ingredient made from fertilized egg yolks. The patented manufacturing process protects bioactive nutrients found in egg yolks that are destroyed during high-temperature cooking.


Fortetropin® enhances muscle building by reducing serum myostatin levels, a compound released in the body that inhibits muscle cell growth.


Myostatin is a protein that "puts the brakes" on the development of new muscle tissue. Lowering myostatin levels releases those "brakes" and enables your body to build more lean muscle.15


What makes Fortetropin® even more attractive as a muscle-building aid is that it's 100% food-based and natural. This is why top strength coaches and elite athletes have taken notice in just the past few years. You can find Fortetropin® in the locker rooms of top NBA, MLB, and NCAA (collegiate) teams.


Studies show supplementing with Fortetropin® can help:

  • Prevent rises in serum myostatin levels (especially after trauma) to help reduce muscle loss.18
  • Increase fractional protein synthesis rates (study of older adults) by up to 18% after 21 days of usage19
  • Boost mTOR signaling, build lean muscle, and improve muscle recovery from resistance training20

The recommend daily dosage of Fortetropin® based on clinical data is 6.6 grams.

Each serving of Protein Clinic contains 3.3 g—roughly the equivalent of 1/3 egg yolk, and the best combination for muscle growth support and affordability.


+ Learn more about the science behind Fortetropin®

For decades, researchers have known that eggs contain natural, bioactive nutrients that help build lean muscle and improve recovery. But until recently, there wasn’t a clean way of preserving the muscle-building power of eggs without simply eating them raw (which we don’t recommend for safety reasons).


Remember when Sylvester Stallone drank a glass of raw eggs in the movie Rocky? It turns out he was on to something. When eggs are cooked, bioactive compounds called lipids (a class of healthy fats) lose their bioactivity, and vital proteins are denatured, reducing their muscle-building potential.


Though eating cooked eggs still gives you several muscle-healthy nutrients, we’re missing out on powerful, bioactive nutrients.


MYOS Technologies, an ingredient research company based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, came up with a novel solution to the problem. Using high-pressure pasteurization technology, MYOS effectively “cooks” egg yolks without using heat, rendering the product safe for consumption. This is essentially the same process used to cold-press juices. Except the pasteurization is done on a much larger scale.


In a chamber the size of a bedroom, liquid egg yolks are exposed to more pressure than the Mariana Trench—the deepest part of the ocean. Under this level of pressure, the eggs are effectively pasteurized without using heat and without destroying the bioactive compounds. The result is the patented ingredient, Fortetropin®.


What about eggs, cholesterol, and heart health?

Eggs are back. Actually, we’ve been safely eating eggs since the dawn of humankind. But recent studies have overturned myths about eggs being bad for heart health.


A study published in 2018 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that participants who ate up to 12 eggs per week had no adverse effects on their cholesterol or triglycerides levels. Other follow up studies have substantiated this finding. Researchers concluded that eggs can and should be part of a heart-healthy diet.


Besides, even if you take one serving of Protein Clinic every day, you’ll only consume the equivalent of 2.5 eggs per week. So, enjoy Protein Clinic guilt-free. And, feel free to add more eggs to your diet! Eggs are rich in amino acids, choline, and B-vitamins.21


This leads to the third patented ingredient in Protein Clinic:


BodyBalance Collagen Peptides for Muscle Growth - Protein Clinic


BodyBalance® Bioactive Collagen Peptides


BodyBalance® is a targeted collagen peptide blend proven to help build lean muscle, increase connective tissue mass, and reduce fat mass when combined with resistance training.


Unlike generic collagen supplements with random peptide profiles, BodyBalance® is engineered to stimulate cell synthesis within intramuscular connective tissue and skeletal muscle.


Building big, strong muscles on the scaffolding of weak connective tissue structures is a recipe for injury.


With BodyBalance®, you give your muscles and joints the nutrients they need to repair and grow stronger.


Supplementing with BodyBalance® collagen provides several unique benefits:


  • Increased lean body mass and reduced fat mass when combined with weight training (effective in both resistance-trained subjects and elderly subjects)24
  • Increased strength gains compared to placebo25
  • Increased connective tissue mass when combined with strength training23
  • Rich in the amino acids glycine and proline, which may help prevent muscle wasting
  • Digests easily compared to dairy-based proteins, which are more likely to cause gastrointestinal distress26

Protein Clinic contains 15 grams of BodyBalance® Bioactive Collagen Peptides per serving.


+ Learn more about the science behind BodyBalance®


This isn’t your pasture-variety collagen — BodyBalance® uses a patented clean-label production process that controls the precise molecular profile of the collagen peptides.


Though collagen is present in virtually every part of your body, each structure has its own physiological makeup and specific receptors for assimilating new collagen.


Researchers have identified a “key-lock” mechanism, where collagen of a particular peptide profile fits into specific receptors.


So instead of taking the shotgun approach, BodyBalance® is more like a rifle—using only peptides that match the receptors of target cells in your muscle and joints.


The result? More muscle, stronger joints, and more bang for your buck.


Several randomized, placebo-controlled double-blinded studies have shown that just 15 grams of BodyBalance® in combination with resistance training increases muscle mass, builds bone and joint mass, and even reduces fat mass.


BodyBalance® also has a unique benefit related to connective tissue recovery, joint strength, and bone health. A 2015 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in University demonstrated that 15 grams of BodyBalance® resulted in significant increases in lean mass that could not be explained by muscle hypertrophy alone.22 Examining researchers concluded that the increases in strength and lean mass “was not only associated with hypertrophy of contractile muscle cells but might also be caused by a higher increase in connective tissue.”23


This is a vital but neglected aspect of supplementing for muscle growth.

Protein Clinic organic plant protein blend

Organic Plant Protein Blend


Protein Clinic also contains a 17-gram blend of organic pea protein isolate and organic rice protein isolate to support lean muscle mass (and a happy stomach).


Although whey is considered the gold standard of protein supplementation, pea proteins promote similar strength and muscle adaptations when taken in conjunction with resistance training (without stomach distress).27


But, pea does lack the amino acid methionine.28 You can easily remedy this by combining it with rice protein, which has a healthy dose of methionine.


Together, these two plant-based proteins provide optimal amounts of all nine essential amino acids.


Pea protein is high in the amino acid leucine, which explains its superior muscle-building ability versus other plant proteins like hemp, soy, and chickpea.


It’s also easily digested and less likely to cause stomach distress than dairy-based proteins.


Muscle & Joint-Building Vitamin Blend


Protein Clinic contains a vitamin and mineral blend designed to fortify your body, including:


  • PureWay-C® — a rapidly absorbing form of Vitamin C that bolsters muscle and joint recovery

  • Vitamin D3 — boosts the recovery benefits of myHMB® and supports muscle, joint, and bone health
  • MenaQ7® (Vitamin K2) supports bone health, cardiovascular health, and enhanced absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium.

  • Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron — natural mineral blend to provide the building blocks of strong bones, joints and muscles


+ Learn more about the muscle and joint-building vitamin blend

These vitamins and minerals are not only necessary for optimal musculoskeletal health, they also enhance and optimize the actions of the patented muscle-building ingredients in Protein Clinc:




A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that taking vitamin C along with collagen protein doubled collagen synthesis markers in injured ankle joints.30 Vitamin C also has regenerative benefits when taken separately.


A meta-study summarizing 286 different articles on vitamin C concluded that it “has the potential to accelerate bone healing after a fracture, increase type I collagen synthesis, and reduce oxidative stress parameters.”31


Because Vitamin C enhances collagen utilization, helps protect muscle mass, and supports a healthy immune system, we included 90 mg (100% daily value) of PureWay-C.


Supplementing with this proprietary vitamin C formula supercharges your results, providing the following benefits compared to traditional forms of vitamin C:


  • More rapidly absorbed and more highly retained (233%) by the human body33
  • More rapidly promotes fibroblast wound healing (3x more efficiently)34
  • Supports decreased inflammatory mechanisms (2.5x more efficient)35
  • 12% higher antioxidant power and 11% higher free-radical scavenging activity36
  • Not associated with any adverse effects (e.g. stomach distress) typically associated with mega doses of Vitamin C



Vitamin D3


Research from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has shown that most people are not getting enough Vitamin D from diet and sun exposure alone, making this an essential supplement for optimizing muscle recovery and joint health.37


Studies show supplementing with Vitamin D:

  • Boost effectiveness of myHMB® in post-surgery mobility markers14
  • Improves joint and muscular function in subjects who are deficient in Vitamin D38
  • Improves joint comfort, mobility, and strength in healthy subjects39


The RDI for Vitamin D is currently 400-800 IU per day, but this amount is low for adults looking to optimize muscle and joint recovery.


A dosage of 1,000-2,000 IU per day has demonstrated efficacy and safety in studies.40

Protein Clinic contains 25 mcg (1,000 IU) of Vitamin D per serving (~125% Daily Value).



MenaQ7® (Vitamin K2)


We included 60 mcg (50% daily value) of MenaQ7® the Vitamin K2 to support bone health, cardiovascular health, and enhanced absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium. Studies show that supplementing with MenaQ7®:

  • Is the most scientifically validated form of Vitamin K for bone, muscle, and cardiovascular health
  • Helps properly utilize calcium to build healthy bone tissue41
  • Inhibits calcium deposits in arteries, supporting improved cardiovascular health42
  • Intake of at least 32 mcg per day is associated with a 50% reduction in cardiovascular issues related to arterial calcification43



Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron


In addition to 400 mg of calcium (30% daily value) to support bone mineralization, Protein Clinic also contains naturally occurring magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iron—all important minerals for optimal muscle, joint, and bone health.







Build stronger muscles, joints, and bones.

Protein Clinic for natural muscle growth and recovery

As you can see, Protein Clinic is much more than a muscle builder.

It’s a total-body muscle, joint, and bone builder that helps you recover, repair, and rebuild.


And we want you to try it. Risk-free.




Backed by our 90 Day Love it or Free Guarantee.


If Protein Clinic doesn't work for you, just let us know anytime within 90 days of your order and we’ll refund your order.


We’ll even pay for return shipping. See full return policy here.


How can we afford to do this?


It's simple.


The vast majority of our customers get results and end up buying from us again.


Even with this generous policy, our refund rate is still far below the industry average.


This demonstrates our belief in Protein Clinic and our commitment to your satisfaction.




A natural, safe way to build muscle.


Protein Clinic is much more than just a protein supplement. It's an all-in-one body builder in one convenient, delicious shake.


Each serving contains clinically supported dosages of four different supplement categories:

  1. Lean, dairy-free protein supplement (33 grams of protein per serving)
  2. Joint support supplement (collagen, vitamins, and minerals that support joint health)
  3. Bone mineralization supplement (key nutrients for bone maintenance)
  4. Advanced amino acid supplement (with 3 grams myHMB®)



And, it’s 100% naturally flavored. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or food dyes.


As you can see, Protein Clinic contains only best-in-class ingredients. And though we negotiated exclusive contracts and pricing with the ingredient manufacturers, it’s still an expensive formula to produce and sell.


But when you look at all the benefits you get from each serving. And think about the value of building muscle mass and skeletal system health... You can see that Protein Clinic is a great deal.


For around $3.75 per shake, you get a delicious, all-in-one formula that builds and protects your entire musculoskeletal system.


(when you sign up for 15% off with Subscribe and Save, it's about $3.19 per shake.)


If you are serious about maximizing your muscle building potential—naturally and safely—Protein Clinic is for you.


And remember, your order of Protein Clinic is covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Free shipping, free returns, and no financial risk.

We are so confident in the results that Protein Clinic will deliver for you, we’ve made this deal a no-brainer.


Ready to get started? Choose an option below and grab your bottles today. You can decide if it's for you later.


Choose an option below and try your risk-free supply of Protein Clinic now:


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**Only one code allowed per order.

**When you combine Subscribe & Save with the coupons above, you can save up to 20-35% off your first subscription order! Coupons apply to initial subscription orders only.



+ References




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