JOINT CLINIC - Joint Recovery Multivitamin

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Joint Clinic is the only science-backed multivitamin formulated specifically for total joint recovery.

It supplies your joints with the exact vitamins, minerals, recovery aids, and food-based antioxidants they need to optimize the recovery process.

So you can recover and keep doing what you love.


  • Supports Collagen Synthesis
  • Micronutrients for Connective Tissue Recovery
  • Healthy Inflammation & Oxidative Stress Levels


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Product Description


Dosage Guidelines:


Follow the TaperSmart™ Dosage schedule the first time you take Joint Clinic to jump start your recovery.


Here is how this schedule works:


  • Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast, and 4 capsules with dinner.
  • Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner.
  • Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast.


*It’s important to take Joint Clinic™ with food as some nutrients are absorbed better in the presence of fats and other macronutrients.


After completing the first 6 week TaperSmart™ cycle, take 4 capsules daily to support collagen synthesis and day-to-day joint recovery.


Product Description


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I use Joint Clinic™?

We recommend following the TaperSmart™ Dosage schedule the first time you take Joint Clinic to jump start your recovery. Here is how this schedule works:


  • Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast, and 4 capsules with dinner.
  • Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner.
  • Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast.      


*It’s important to take Joint Clinic™ with food as some nutrients are absorbed better in the presence of fats and other macronutrients.

Preliminary animal studies suggest that cissus extract may have muscle relaxing properties at high doses, indicating that you may want to avoid taking Joint Clinic within 30 minutes before exercising. If you exercise in the morning, take your first serving of Joint Clinic with your post-workout recovery drink or meal.

After completing the first 6 week TaperSmart cycle, take 4 capsules daily to support collagen synthesis and day-to-day joint recovery.


Q: Can I use Joint Clinic™ as a daily joint health maintenance program?

Yes. If you have ongoing joint discomfort that you want to resolve, or want daily support for collagen synthesis and joint recovery, take 4 capsules daily.

This will give you approximately 2 months of usage per bottle.

Q: What are the ingredients in Joint Clinic?

A full description of each ingredient can be found in the "Ingredients" section above.
Here is a listing of ingredients from the supplement facts section of the label:


Q: What is "hypromellose" listed in Other Ingredients?

Hypromellose is a cellulose-based, vegetarian alternative to typical gelatin capsules. This is a more expensive encapsulation material that provides an additional benefit. Hypromellose provides the release of nutrients in a controlled manner, effectively increasing the duration of release to prolong its therapeutic effect (reference:


Q: If I get relief after the first few days or weeks, can I stop taking it?

It is not recommended to stop the program even if your joints feel great and your symptoms have passed. The recovery process, especially tissue turnover, is a long and complex process. Complete the full 6 week program unless you are experiencing adverse effects or have been recommended to stop by your healthcare provider.


Q: How often can I take Joint Clinic? How long should wait between programs?

You can take Joint Clinic™ indefinitely using the TaperSmart™ dosage schedule. However, it may be more practical to take 4 capsules daily with food rather than follow the weaning schedule every 6 weeks.


Q: Instead of tapering off, can I just take 8 capsules per day until the bottle is gone?

Yes, however we recommend either following the TaperSmart™ dosage schedule referenced on this page, or taking 4 capsules per day as a daily joint health maintenance program.


Q: What is the clinically-supported dosage of Type II Collagen?

There are several different types of Type II collagen, mostly due to processing methods. The most reliable dosage for the Type II Collagen found in Joint Clinic is 375 mg per day (equal to 750 mg of Balanced Kollagen). Though other forms of Type II Collagen have demonstrated improvements in joint health and pain levels at dosages as low as 40 mg per day, it's best to lean heavily upon the studies conducted on the exact type of collagen used in our formula — which is Balanced Kollagen.®


Q: How does Balanced Kollagen® differ from other collagen supplements and collagen blends

The biggest difference between Balanced Kollagen® and other collagen supplements is that it is not an isolated extract, and it is not a blend of different collagens.

Instead, Balanced Kollagen® is created using a patented process that allows the collagen to maintain its natural structure, where it is bound to other extracellular components like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. The preservation of collagen's natural structure improves bioavailabilty, allowing it to more effectively survive harsh conditions in the stomach.



Q: What are the mucopolysaccharides listed under Balanced Kollagen® in the supplement facts panel of Joint Clinic?

Mucopolysaccharides are branches of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and lesser amounts of other naturally occurring compounds found in joint tissue. These extracellular components play a central role in providing cushioning and lubrication for joints.


Q: Is the collagen in Joint Clinic (Balanced Kollagen®) denatured, or undenatured?

Denaturization refers to a process that renders a natural compound essentially unrecognizable to the body (usually by affecting the pH or breaking the compound into its constituent parts in a way that damages the original product). Balanced Kollagen® is undenatured, retaining its original 3D form (molecular structure).



Product Description


The first multivitamin for complete joint recovery.


From working with exercise therapy clients, we realized there was a giant hole in the supplement industry.


A huge swath of the population that was completely un-served.


While many supplement marketers claim to have solutions for joint pain and inflammation, no one talks about joint recovery.


So instead of developing another “band-aid” supplement that just masks pain and symptoms, we set out to create a science-backed formula targeted specifically for connective tissue recovery.


One that would help optimize connective tissue formation for strength, flexibility, and long-term resilience.


A total joint recovery program.

One that helps you bounce back more quickly.

Come back stronger.

Use your body to its full potential.


And most importantly, helps you keep doing what you love.


This is why we created Joint Clinic.


It works by aiding your body’s natural recovery processes. Mainly, by supporting a little known connective tissue process called collagen synthesis.


When it comes to long-term joint health, it’s not just about speeding up recovery time. It’s about optimizing joint tissue for strength, flexibility, and resilience.


Everyone is obsessed over “post-workout nutrition” — products designed to repair muscle trauma from exercise to build bigger, stronger muscles — but don’t show their joints the same attention.


Which is too bad.


According to a study published in the journal Orthopade, tendons and ligaments recover more slowly than muscles or bones.68


And studies show that nutrition has a significant impact not only on recovery time, but also the quality of tissue formation.6


This is where collagen synthesis comes into play.


Collagen synthesis describes the process in which your body assimilates collagen and other components in new connective tissue.

It's like muscle protein synthesis, but for your joints.


Our experience working with exercise therapy clients and knowledge of the collagen synthesis and repair process led us into a completely new avenue of sports nutrition.


We wanted to develop the first supplement program designed to aid collagen synthesis — the process in which your body builds new joint and connective tissue.


And while taking a collagen supplement may help (if it’s the right kind), that’s only one piece of the puzzle.


In order to understand how to optimize recovery time and joint tissue formations, we first have to understand how collagen is used in the body.


Here's how it works:


Collagen is the second most abundant substance in the human body (behind water), and is the primary component of joint cartilage. Your body is constantly producing collagen, using it to clean up and repair old cells and build new cells from.66


Healthy collagen formations form a basket-weave pattern, providing a strong structure for optimal functional movement.66,68 But during the recovery process, environmental factors can either help or hinder this process. Inflammation levels, strain on joints, and nutrition to name a few.


Suboptimal collagen formations form crude parallel patterns. This type of tissue is weak and prone to discomfort and irritation. If you have any problems with nagging joints that never fully recover, this could be part of the problem.67



Studies show supplementing with a specific type of collagen (enriched with Vitamin C) results in two times greater collagen synthesis in ligament structures exposed to exercise-induced physical stress (versus placebo).43


But just taking a collagen supplement isn’t enough. Focusing on the entire joint recovery process with specifically timed nutrients is even more important.


That’s why in addition to supporting collagen synthesis for strong, stable joints — we wanted to optimize the entire joint recovery process.


For example, high free radical levels can hinder tissue repair. And studies show that certain foods possess antioxidants that deactivate free radicals and support healthy tissue turnover.16,23


We also wanted Joint Clinic to help reduce oxidative stress and maintain healthy inflammation levels.


Problems arise when the number of free radicals in the body outnumber antioxidants — this leads to oxidative stress and tissue damage that can slow down recovery.23


And we know that exercise-induced tissue damage and other physical stress increases levels of free radicals in the body. Oxidative stress is also directly linked to high inflammation levels.


Though you need some inflammation for the rebuilding process, too much damages healthy connective tissue. Not ideal for a full and speedy recovery.35,47


Our final goal when developing Joint Clinic was to supply your joints with the basic micronutrients they need to recover.


Micro-nutrition is the most overlooked aspect of nutrition for joint recovery. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium all play pivotal roles in the cell turnover and recovery process. And many people are deficient in these key nutrients.50,57


Beyond that, many experts recommend taking more than the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) for certain vitamins and minerals for short periods of time (generally, the first two to four weeks).




Because the RDI amounts you see on the backs of food labels are only meant to prevent disease in the general population — they are not designed for people battling joint issues.


When you combine the basic nutrients your body needs to repair with clinically-supported ingredients for joint recovery — you get a total connective tissue recovery matrix that goes beyond just “maintaining joint health.”


Stop just treating symptoms.
And start your road to full recovery.


Physical setbacks and limitations are inevitable when training hard, playing sports, or doing intense athletic activities.


But they don’t have to stop you from reaching your fitness goals. And they sure don’t have to keep you from doing what you love.


This idea is at the heart of SaltWrap’s mission. We want you to be built to last. So you can do what you love now. And enjoy physical health and freedom later in life.


With Joint Clinic, you can come back stronger than ever.


What truly separates Joint Clinic from any other recovery protocol or OTC aid out there is the combination of natural ingredients in scientifically-backed dosages, and our proprietary method of “weaning off” the formula.


This method is designed to help prevent re-emergence of symptoms, letting your body’s natural recovery systems take over gradually.

Here’s how it works:


Any time you stop taking a supplement cold-turkey, you're at risk of suffering from the Rebound Effect.


The Rebound Effect is exactly what it sounds like. This term describes the re-emergence of symptoms after stopping an intervention that artificially suppresses inflammation. When symptoms re-emerge, they're often worse than pre-intervention levels.


This leads to painful flair ups. And a continuous cycle of pain, joint dysfunction, dependence on artificial suppression of symptoms, and re-emergence of symptoms.


With Joint Clinic, we took a different approach.


It's called the TaperSmart™ dosage method.


Basically, you’ll use dosages on the high end of the clinically-effective spectrum for weeks 1-2.


Dosages in the middle of the spectrum during weeks 3-4.


And doses on the low end of the clinically effective spectrum during weeks 5-6 (it’s important that even during the final stages of tapering off, key nutrients are still taken in science-backed dosages).


This method has two key benefits:


  1. It allows you to use maximum clinically-supported dosages for optimal joint recovery during the crucial first few weeks.
  2. It gently weans you off the formula so that your body’s natural recovery enzymes, hormones and processes can take over while reducing chances of a “rebound effect” — re-emergence of symptoms later on.


Here’s what the TaperSmart™ Dosage Schedule looks like:


  • Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast, and 4 capsules with dinner.                                                
  • Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner.                                                
  • Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast.  



While it may be tempting to use the maximum dosage all the way through, it’s important to follow the TaperSmart™ schedule through the full 6 weeks.


And though you may experience relief in just a few days of taking Joint Clinic, you should still finish the plan to ensure full recovery and strong, resilient joints in the future (even if you aren’t having symptoms any more).


And remember, the ingredients in Joint Clinic aren’t just designed to help with pain and inflammation. They are designed to support joint recovery and strong, resilient collagen formations.


Now, let's look at what inside the bottle.





While there are hundreds of promising ingredients for joint health and cell repair, we found only a select few that are:


(a) proven to support recovery processes in human clinical studies, and
(b) relevant to people who have put increased physical stress on connective tissue.


Let’s take a closer look at how these select ingredients aid collagen synthesis and supply your joints with the nutrients they need to recover:



Balanced Kollagen®


As we age, our body produces less and less collagen. By age 60, our ability to produce collagen has decreased by 50%.76 This leads to aging joints, saggy skin, and loss of lean muscle tissue. By supplementing with collagen, you can give your body the raw materials it needs to build strong, stable joints.


But not all collagen supplements are created equal.


Though most collagen you see in bulk powder form are made from Collagen Types I and III, Type II collagen is especially relevant for connective tissue recovery where it makes up 90% of joint structures.66


Studies show supplementing with Collagen Type II helps:


  • Reduce exercise-related joint pain and stiffness (in healthy subjects)37
  • Provide joint cushioning and lubrication80
  • Prevent collagen degradation from overuse78


And when you take Type II collagen in its natural form, it produces a unique benefit that other collagen supplements simply can't offer.


A recent study published in HealthMED showed that supplementing with 750 mg of a natural collagen matrix containing collagen Type I, II, V and X can help stimulate collagen synthesis, specifically within cartilage tissues.80


Joint Clinic contains 750 mg of a patented natural collagen matrix called Balanced Kollagen® (made of 50% Type II Collagen).

Balanced Kollagen® also provides naturally occurring Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid. Most collagen supplements are "denatured" during processing, causing the collagen to break from its natural structure which reduces absorption.


Balanced Kollagen® retains its natural structure (undenatured), enabling it to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and be recognized by the body for functional use.


The secret is in Balanced Kollagen's patented production process. Instead of using harsh chemicals during production, a natural enzyme is used to hydrolyze the collagen molecules into a more absorbable form.81


This processing method is not only cleaner, but also preserves the natural molecular structure of collagen for better bioavailability. This patented process is what separates Balanced Kollagen® from other collagen supplements.



Cissus quadrangularis


This traditional Ayurvedic herb has long been revered as the “Bone Setter” plant — used in traditional medicine to aid the healing process after bone or soft tissue damage.5


Though many of the citations for Cissus quadrangularis that promote it as a joint healing aid used a topical (applied directly to skin) preparation made from the raw stems and leaves, studies show oral consumption of cissus extract also has the ability to compress recovery times and improve mobility after physical stress to a joint.18,74


And, it’s one of the few herbs proven to improve joint function in athletes (study conducted on healthy exercise-trained subjects who experienced joint pain from exercise; The Physician and Sportsmedicine).1


When you look at the breadth of research across human trials, animal studies, traditional use history and mechanism of action studies — it’s clear that cissus is one of the most proven supplements for joint recovery.


Research shows cissus helps:


  • Stimulate osteoblast production for healthy bone mineralization and joint strength6,10
  • Reduce joint soreness from exercise (3,200 mg reduced joint pain by 31% in 8 weeks)1
  • Support healthy inflammation levels14
  • Reduce oxidative stress via antioxidant activity15,16


The clinically supported dosage for improving joint health in humans is 3,200 mg at 2.5% standardization of active ketosterones.


Joint Clinic contains 1,600 mg of Cissus quadrangularis at 5% concentration.


This dosages mirrors the active component concentration used in the most relevant study on joint health in athletes (while still enabling us to get the ingredients into a reasonable serving size).




Curcumin C3 Complex® Turmeric Extract


Turmeric is a flowering plant in the ginger family. Its roots are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that help maintain healthy inflammation levels and reduce oxidative stress in the body.


Studies show turmeric helps improve joint mobility and reduce joint pain from exercise.26 But unlike many over the counter recovery aids, it has the unique ability to aid collagen production and formation.21,22


A 2016 study published in Nutrition Journal described how in addition to its antioxidant properties, curcumin has "restored type II collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis" in subjects with knee pain.22


This makes turmeric a valuable recovery tool for athletes in the short-term AND long-term.


While there are several variations of turmeric on the market, research shows us two clear best practices:


  1. Take piperine (from black pepper extract) with turmeric to enhance absorption. One study showed a 2,000% (20X) increase in bioavailablity when turmeric was paired with a specific extract of black pepper (Joint Clinic includes this extract).25
  2. Use a high quality turmeric extract with high concentrations of the three main active components; Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin (DMC) and Bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) — collectively known as “Curcuminoids.”


Joint Clinic contains Curcumin C3 Complex® — a patented form of turmeric standardized to 95% Curcuminoids. With over 100 publications and more than 45 human clinical studies, C3 is the most scientifically-backed turmeric in the world.

Research shows supplementing with C3 Complex:


  • Promotes collagen formation after physical stress21,22
  • Improves subjective pain levels by 40%71,26
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels (specifically within osteo-cartilagenous tissue)26
  • Improves joint stiffness and mobility by 86% in 6 weeks24
  • Reduces oxidative stress via antioxidant effects23


The most common clinically-supported dosages of C3 for joint health range from 200 mg to 1,500 mg.


Joint Clinic contains 1,000 mg of Curcumin C3 Complex® Turmeric Extract per serving.




Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the human body with highest concentrations in the joint structures and eyes. It’s a major component of synovial fluid — the body’s natural joint lubricant.


While popular as a cosmetic for skin health, we’re more interested in how hyaluronic acid lubricates joints and reduces discomfort.


Studies show supplementing with hyaluronic acid:


  • Improves synovial fluid effusion in joints and reduces joint discomfort38
  • Improves joint strength (52 mg of HA helped healthy subjects with mild joint discomfort improve their knee muscular strength)39


Clinically supported dosages of Hyaluronic Acid range from 40 mg to 80 mg.


Joint Clinic contains ~60 mg of Hyaluronic Acid per serving from Balanced Kollagen®.




CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)


CoQ10 is a compound that helps generate energy in bodily cells and enhances blood flow. Production of CoQ10 decreases with age, which makes it a popular supplement for heart health and longevity.


Though you may be surprised to see CoQ10 in a joint recovery formula, it’s a well-studied compound for exercise-induced stress. Studies show supplementing with CoQ10:


  • Reduces exercise related damage and oxidativestress34,35
  • Supports healthy post-exercise inflammationlevels36


Commonly used clinically supported dosages range from 90 mg to 200 mg, with only small increases in efficacy at higher dosages.


Joint Clinic contains 90 mg of CoQ10.




Grape Seed Extract


Grape seed extract is well-known for its ability to support overall cardiovascular health and circulation — an important process for nutrient delivery to recovering tissues.


But grape seed also aids the recovery process in three other fundamental ways.


Research shows grape seed extract:


  • Supports cartilage health after exposure to physical stress27
  • Reduces total body oxidation via antioxidant effects28
  • Helps maintain healthy inflammation levels29


Grape seed also appears to work synergistically with olive leaf extract (also in this formula) to support joint recovery after exposure to physical stress.30


Clinically supported dosages of grape seed extract range from 150 mg to 300 mg daily.


Joint Clinic contains 300 mg of grape seed extract per serving.




Olive Leaf Extract


Olives are another food well-known for their antioxidant properties. The leaves and fruit of the olive plant contain a compound that shows promise for joint recovery and comfort: oleuropein.


A study published in the journal Nutrients showed supplementing with 50 mg of olive extract improved age-related joint pain and stiffness in as little as 4 weeks.31


Research shows supplementing with olive leaf extract:


  • Helps maintain healthy cartilage levels after exposure to physical stress30
  • Supports glutathione levels in healthy subjects, which helps supports total body immune health32
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels via the component compound oleuropein33


Clinically supported dosages of olive extract supplements vary widely and are highly dependent on the standardization of specific compounds such as hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein.


Joint Clinic contains 100 mg of Olive Fruit Extract standardized to 20% oleuropein.



BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract


BioPerine® is a patented extract of black pepper that contains 95% piperine.


Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the spice of black pepper, and has been used in traditional medicine to aid digestion and nutrient bioavailability.


Modern science has confirmed what traditional wisdom passed down — studies show black pepper increases hydrochloric acid and levels of enzymes that help break down food into digestible components.40


As mentioned above, BioPerine® is proven to enhance the absorption of turmeric by 2,000% (20X). Clinically supported dosages of BioPerine® range from 2 mg to 20 mg.


Joint Clinic contains 10 mg of BioPerine® per serving.




Micronutrient Repair Matrix


While taking a multivitamin is likely better than taking nothing — studies show that taking higher dosages of specific vitamins and minerals during the first few weeks of a recovery period has advantages.42,43


So instead of throwing a blanket list of Vitamins A-Z into Joint Clinic, we isolated only the most crucial nutrients for collagen synthesis and adaptations to physical stress.


Here are 9 the most important micronutrients for joint and connective tissue recovery:


(1) Vitamin A

Vitamin A supports healthy inflammation levels, immune function, and aids in the collagen formation process.
Studies show that collagen formations are stronger with Vitamin A supplementation.41 


Joint Clinic contains 900 mcg (1500 IU) of Vitamin A as Carotenoids per serving (100% Daily Value).



(2) Vitamin C

Everyone has heard about popping extra vitamin C to help support immune function.
But studies show it also plays a vital role in collagen synthesis.


In cases of vitamin C deficiencies, collagen fibers form sub-optimally with poor adhesion and tensile strength.42,43 Research shows vitamin C supplementation:


  • Supports optimal collagen formation42
  • Reduces oxidative damage from exercise-induced stress 44
  • Provides antioxidant protection for recovering joints and muscles42,45


While taking mega-doses of Vitamin C is not sufficiently supported by science, it does appear that getting more than the RDI of 100-200 mg is helpful for athletes or anyone undergoing physical stress.

Dosages of 1,000 mg – 1,500 mg appear to be safe and effective for supporting immune function and healthy inflammation levels during periods of increased activity and physical stress.44,45 


Joint Clinic contains 500 mg of Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid per serving (~556% Daily Value).


(3) Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps maintain bone mineral density, skin health and even supports mood.


Research from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has shown that most people are not getting enough Vitamin D from diet and sun exposure alone, making this an important supplement for those who may be at risk of deficiency.50


Studies show supplementing with Vitamin D:


  • Improves joint and muscular function in subjects who are deficient in Vitamin D51
  • Improves joint comfort, mobility and strength in healthy subjects52


The RDI for Vitamin D is currently 400-800 IU per day, but this amount is low for adults looking to optimize joint function.


A dosage of 1,000-2,000 IU per day has demonstrated efficacy and safety in studies.53 


Joint Clinic contains 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of Vitamin D per serving (~250% Daily Value).



(4) Vitamin K2

Vitamin K supports overall bone health, cardiovascular health, and is often taken in conjunction with Vitamin D due to their synergistic effect when combined.54 


Studies show supplementing with at least 100 mcg per day of Vitamin K results in better maintenance of bone mass.55


Joint Clinic contains 120 mcg of Vitamin K2 per serving (100% Daily Value).



(5) Chromium

Chromium helps the body produce energy from foods, supports brain function and plays a role in blood sugar regulation. Studies suggest supplementing with chromium may help maintain calcium levels and bone mass.56 Clinically supported dosages of chromium range from 200 mg to 1,000 mg.


While this dosage range is above the RDI, dosages below 200 mg have not shown consistent biological activity in studies.


Joint Clinic contains 200 mcg of Chromium per serving (~571% Daily Value).



(6) Magnesium

Magnesium may be the most important mineral to supplement with for joint recovery as it plays important roles in muscle function, nerve health and pain receptor health.


Magnesium deficiency is common and associated with reductions in overall health, making this an important mineral for those at risk of deficiency.57,60


Studies show supplementing with magnesium:


  • Improves muscle oxygenation in healthy athletes during periods of physical stress58
  • Improves bone mineral density in healthy subjects59
  • The standard dosage for magnesium supplementation is 200-400 mg.

Joint Clinic contains 200 mg of Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) per serving (~48% Daily Value).



(7) Manganese

Manganese is a dietary mineral involved in bone formation, free radical defense processes, and macronutrient metabolism.


Though often overlooked as a non-necessary dietary supplement, recent studies have demonstrated that manganese plays a role as a co-factor in the formation of cartilage, collagen, and bone mineralization.61 


Recommended dosages for women are at 1.8 mg for women, and 2.3 mg for men.


Joint Clinic contains 2.3 mg of Manganese (as Manganese Sulfate) per serving (100% Daily Value).



(8) Selenium

Selenium is a dietary mineral and active antioxidant. It is also a co-factor for glutathione production and may have a role in preserving joint and bone integrity.62


Selenium may also aid in reducing oxidative stress and muscular damage after exposure to physical stress.63 


Joint Clinic contains 20 mcg of Selenium as L-Selenomethionine (~36% Daily Value).



(9) Zinc

Zinc is required for over 300 enzymatic activities in the body and plays roles in cell growth and repair, immune function and protein synthesis.


Zinc is also lost through sweat, making it an important supplement for athletes. Studies show supplementing with Zinc:


  • Increases glutathione production and antioxidant activity in athletes46
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels47
  • Supports recovery processes and bone health48


Clinically supported dosages for zinc are 5-10 mg for daily use, and 25-45 mg for those at risk of zinc deficiency. Though 100 mg of zinc has proven to be safe for short term use (< 4 months), we used a dosage below the established 40 mg Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL) of zinc.

TUL describes the highest dosage that is not likely to cause any unwanted side effects.49


Joint Clinic contains 30 mg of Zinc as Zinc Citrate (~273% Daily Value).





Look, we understand that Joint Clinic is not cheap.


And you may be hesitant to purchase it for that reason


But keep this in mind


Each bottle of Joint Clinic contains 224 capsules.


Each serving contains 2-3x the typical dosages of active ingredients you'll find elsewhere.


And compared to $180+ per month for physical therapy, or $250+ per month for chiropractic visits (not to mention the $3,000+ diagnostic imaging that tells you what you already know)...

...$68.95 for 6 weeks of joint recovery progress is a smart investment.





Bottom line: Your full recovery is worth it.


Joint Clinic addresses connective tissue recovery, healthy inflammation, and oxidative stress from every angle.

We used only the highest quality ingredients proven to be safe and effective for continued use.


And we want you to try it. Risk-free.




Joint Clinic is backed by our 90 Day Love It or Free Guarantee.


If Joint Clinic doesn't work for you, just let us know anytime within 90 days of your order and we’ll refund your order. We’ll even pay for return shipping. See full return policy here.


How can we afford to do this?


It's simple.


The vast majority of our customers get results and end up buying from us again.

Even with this generous policy, our refund rate is still far below the industry average.


This demonstrates our belief in Joint Clinic and our commitment to your satisfaction.




Come back stronger. And keep doing what you love.


Remember: it’s not just about how your joints feel, it’s about the quality and timeliness of recovery.


With Joint Clinic — you can take confidence that you are giving your body the raw materials it needs to recover and rebuild.


Joint Clinic uses ingredients shown in clinical studies to help accomplish the three primary goals of joint recovery:


  • Promote collagen synthesis and optimal joint tissue formation.
  • Help reduce oxidative stress and maintain healthy inflammation levels.
  • Supply the basic micronutrients your joints need to recover.


These ingredients also offer several key benefits to athletes or anyone experiencing increased physical stress on joints from exercise, helping to promote:


  • Improved synovial fluid effusion and joint comfort38
  • Cartilage maintenance after physical stress27
  • Healthy inflammation levels(specifically within osteo-cartilagenous tissue)26
  • Reduced joint soreness from exercise1
  • Osteoblast production for healthy bone mineralization10
  • Improved joint strength and mobility39
  • Optimal glutathione levels which helps supports total body immune health32


When you look at the results these ingredients have produced in clinical studies, and how we assembled the formula to support your body’s natural joint recovery processes...


It’s clear that Joint Clinic is unlike any joint health or recovery supplement on the market.


There’s a reason this formula doesn’t fit into 1 or 2 capsules: it’s packed with the most scientifically-proven joint recovery ingredients in doses that match or exceed those demonstrated effective in studies.


The 6 week period in which you take Joint Clinic is crucial not just to your speedy recovery — but your joint function and health in the future.


It’s worth the attention to detail to get your nutrition right.


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